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Ms. Sippel (Pompea di Casa Odina)


Date of birth 05/22/2018

Shoulder height 55cm



prcd-PRA N/PRA (B)

D locus D1 D/D


VAP F 43 points

VAP H 90 points


French day VBBFL club breed show

Form excellent

Hair value excellent


VDH European Winner Show

junior class excellent 2


Father: "Bosse" Obeir Splendeur Doree



Mother: Dis Moi Malou-Zola

vom Duckstein


Ms. Sippel comes from Sonja and Matthias Bosse's kennel in Marbach am Neckar. She has 10 siblings. In the summer of 2018 we picked up the little bundle of energy from the Bosse family. From the beginning she showed no insecurity, but was very open to everything new.

Ms. Sippel is still very curious, so she loves to stand on her hind legs at the window and watch from our bedroom window what's going on down on the turning hammer in front of our house.


Every conspecific, known or unknown, is happily greeted by "Sippi". Even when a snarling dog rushes at her, she remains calm and confident. She lets herself be sniffed, sniffs herself and then she encourages everyone to play. In most cases it is successful. Some owners of shy, older dogs who don't really want to play anymore are amazed when they suddenly see their animal happily racing Ms. Sippel. We have the impression that Ms. Sippel knows how to approach her fellow dogs so that they follow her request to play. And if someone really doesn't feel like it, her nose goes down and she happily sniffs at the many interesting smells along the way and leaves them alone.

Ms. Sippel also likes to get in touch with us humans. She likes to play hide-and-seek with children or is willing to be taught little tricks. Our neighbour's child, a 9-year-old, often picks up Ms. Sippel in the afternoon for a little game. When Sippi hears the doorbell and then discovers the little girl at the side window, she is absolutely thrilled.

Sippi also learned the basic commands quickly. No matter what you train, as long as you spend time with her she'll be happy. That doesn't mean, however, that she constantly wants attention and doesn't find it easy to rest. On the contrary, after the morning walk, she enjoys the peace and quiet at home.

Even if the weather is bad or everyone is otherwise busy, she doesn't whine. As long as she is allowed to lie under the desk, boring office days are not a problem for Ms. Sippel. It's all good when she can keep snuggling with a family member.


Basically, a barbet, and therefore also Ms. Sippel, needs plenty of exercise. The morning walk usually takes an hour and leads through the forest or past the lake. There is a lot of sniffing and running back and forth. Further, shorter rounds follow in the afternoon and evening.

For her, a “premium walk” is characterized by meeting her (male) friends Paul (Vizla), Yuma (Golden Retriever), Django (Labrador) or Ede (Borzoi). She can simply go crazy even better together with them!

At the weekend we also like to go on longer bike tours with the dog. Sippi loves these long laps and knows that she needs to obey better on the bike, so she is particularly attentive.

When hikes are pending - alone or with friends - Ms. Sippel immediately recognizes the first signs. If you then start to prepare the car, she won't leave your side anymore, after all she could accidentally be left behind...

Four hours through the forests and meadows of the Eifel are a real treat for our dog.

As with almost all water dogs, water is also a beloved element of our Ms. Sippel. She is passionate about swimming. If you throw sticks or a dummy into the water, she will happily follow and fetch. But she also looks for ducks on the horizon just to be able to start swimming.

Her love of water goes so far that we had to fish her out of the neighbour's small water lily pond once or twice. In the summer, the neighbour's children also call out that Sippi has joined them in the paddling pool from time to time.

Even in winter she goes into any water. Recently she just jumped into the covered standing pool in her little friend Elin's backyard. So you should always have a towel ready!


The barbet is a hunting dog, and Ms. Sippel is not averse to a brief pursuit of deer and hare. However, she can be retrieved quickly and if she again has unexplainable phases of forgetting the rules that have been practiced, a few training units with a towing line or whistle and cheese usually do the trick.


How Ms. Sippel got her name


Here I have to go a little deeper into detail, since the naming is based on a sociological study (admittedly not meant to be taken very seriously) in correlation with one of our cats:


One of the very likeable doctors in our veterinary practice is Mr. Hülsmann. Now we wanted to know if our new cat would get better treatment from the practice than our other cats over the course of his life if he bears the doctor's name. Since then, the cat has been called “Mr. Hülsmann”.

So this little barbet came into our family and a name had to be found! The decision was made quickly: Mr. Hülsmann (in this case the doctor) runs the veterinary practice with his wife, who – the reader has probably already guessed – is called Mrs. Sippel. So every vet visit since then has always been something of a family reunion...


And by the way - as honestly expected of us - none of our other pets are treated any less by the Sippel/Hülsmann couple!

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